Travel the road of imagination Survival. Sometimes it starts with running away, until you stop running long enough to realize you've run to The Last Good Man by Kathleen Eagle.

Savannah Stephens is back in Sunbonnet, Wyoming, with a mystery daughter and a haunting secret. As a breast cancer survivor, she exhausted her money from a lucrative modeling career and exhausted her spirit coping with the emotional toll of the disease. Now she must confront and heal her own pain and the fractured family relationships she left behind.

Clay Keogh is determined to break through her barriers to learn the truth about her six-year-old daughter, Claudia, and the other secrets Savannah holds. Once her childhood friend, Clay wants to be more for Savannah now. Even learning that Claudia is the daughter of his half-brother Kole Kills Crow doesn't dissuade the strong-willed, rock solid "horseshoe man." Kathleen Eagle writes with a poet's poignancy that makes serious social issues resonate with the ring of humanity. The warmth of her writing here in The Last Good Man transcends genre labeling as it reaches the heights of what fiction should be: thoughtful, provocative, and ultimately satisfying.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, ND and near Nevis, MN.

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