Forensic findings Burials, bones, and surly Quebecois detectives are always part of Tempe Brennan's work life. Now, in Deadly Decisions (Simon ∧ Schuster Audio, $25, ISBN 0743500547), author Kathy Reichs adds danger and uncertainty as she sends her feisty forensic anthropologist into a nasty nest of rival outlaw motorcycle gangs. Called back from North Carolina to her post in Montreal, Tempe joins a task force investigating the violent deaths in a raging biker war, including an innocent a nine-year-old girl. It's a grim, grisly scene, but it really gets bad when her favorite teenage nephew yearns for a taste of motorcycle madness and her close sometimes very close friend and colleague is suspected of drug dealing. Reichs's Montreal is gritty and colorful, her forensic detail fascinating, and reader Katherine Borowitz lends to the solid authenticity by slipping in and out of a French-Canadian accent with amazing accuracy and ease.

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