More Lynn and more love

Lynn Redgrave makes an immediate audio encore (per request) as she deftly narrates Rosamunde Pilcher's big bestseller, Winter Solstice. This is classic Pilcher sweet, but never saccharine, romantic, but never overwrought. Here, we meet Elfrida, a wonderfully warm-hearted former actress with a slightly checkered past, who at 62, buys a small, comfy cottage in a quaint country village where all seems infinitely tranquil. But even in this setting tragedy can strike, and when it hits her closest friends, Elfrida follows her impulsive instincts and finds herself in a tender tangle with four people who need her and need love a man of her own age, two romantically distressed 30-somethings, and a teenager without a real home. If you know Pilcher's novels, you'll know it all comes right in the end and if you tend toward tears, keep the Kleenex handy.

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