Basil is a big, handsome, ex-pro-football player who now makes big bucks as a player's agent. Yancey, ambition oozing out of every pore, is a gorgeous, talented star-on-the-rise, who will do almost anything to be a Broadway headliner. They meet in E. Lynn Harris's animated, often X-rated, new novel, Not a Day Goes By, fall madly in love, and plan to live happily ever after. Then . . . each one discovers things about themselves and things about each other that may make dreams of marital bliss fade before they've even begun. Basil's former love life was active and varied, and he'd like some of those variations to remain his secret. Yancey has some uncomfortable secrets too, a career-crazed lifestyle, and a blinding desire for money. Can these two complex people make it together? I won't tell you'll just have listen to Rocky Carroll's right-voiced, well-paced reading of this unabridged audio.

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