Tip of the icepick: Bruce's mystery of the month Miami detective-turned-author Carolina Garcia-Aguilera brings a dash of salsa to the suspense genre with her engaging Lupe Solano series. Set in Miami and its environs, the Solano mysteries weave Cuban culture, history, and politics into the fabric on which her stories unfold. In Havana Heat, the witty and sexy Solano can be found pouring her voluptuous self into a slinky, too-tight black party dress, getting ready for the wedding reception of her niece, Marianna. When the overbearing aunt of the groom corners her with an intriguing tale of a legendary stolen tapestry, Solano's curiosity is piqued. An initial investigation raises the question of whether the artwork exists, but it quickly becomes clear that somebody believes that it does, and that they are willing to kill for it. Garcia-Aguilera offers a fascinating insider's view of a culture that most Americans will never see firsthand, and spins an excellent tale in the process.

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