Every busy woman deserves her own prince. Even when she's 125 years old and she's been waiting 10,000 years. Glenna McReynolds' Prince of Time is worth the wait for Lady Avallyn Le Severn and readers alike.

When Avallyn finds her Prince of Time she can't reconcile his destiny of saving the entire planet with the drunken condition she finds him in. Her Prince of Time is one Morgan ab Kynan, a thief who stole the golden dragon that led him to the greatest danger he's ever faced and to the time weir that propelled him forward from 12th century Wales.

In Morgan's time, Darkkum was unleashed on Earth, destroying its plants and drying its seas. Together Avallyn and Morgan must prepare to journey back through time to change the course of history while fending off skraelings and Watch warriors. They are not the only time riders, however. Covus Gei, the Warmonger, whose body is being consumed by the shadowy destructive power of Darkkum, lusts for control of Earth and the Lady Avallyn. He's determined to follow the pair back through time to restore his body and capture Avallyn.

Glenna McReynolds has an uncommon gift for blending epic romantic quest with futuristic fantasy. This tale will surely sweep you away into a world beyond time and place.

Sandy Huseby reads, writes and raises a wassail cup o'cheer from her homes in Fargo and lakeside in northern Minnesota.


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