Politics that obscures love President Kilcannon, young and liberal, has just been elected by a narrow margin. As he takes the oath of office, the chief justice, old and conservative, dies of a stroke, leaving the deeply divided Supreme Court evenly split. Kilcannon's first job is to select a new chief justice, not an easy task for a Democrat dealing with a Republican Senate and one that could easily become an inside-the-Beltway bombshell. That's just for starters in Richard North Patterson's Protect and Defend, ably read in its 21-hour entirety by Patricia Kalember. In California, a 15-year-old, pregnant with a hydrocephalic child, wants to sue for permission to have a late-term abortion over her parent's objections. You'll soon see that as her case moves toward the high court, a cataclysmic clash with many ramifications and many sub-plots is in the offing, as is another great listen. (Please note that the president's would-be-future opponent is named Chad Palmer!!)

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