Listen to love with audiobooks Art Buchwald, Pulitzer Prize winner, renowned syndicated columnist and wryly funny commentator on the contemporary scene, seems to knows a lot about married love. Stella in Heaven, which he refers to as "Almost a Novel," is no surprise wryly funny, but it's also a touching, sweet story of love that lingers after death has done its part to part Stella and Roger from their long life together. Stella now has a nice room at what might be called the Ritz Carlton Hereafter, where Moses, St. Peter and Mary Magdalene are also in residence, and she's arranged to talk to Roger by celestial cell phone almost daily. Concerned that Roger is lonely and has no one to tell him what to do (a necessity for most married men), Stella and her pals in Paradise decide to find him a new wife. That gets Roger into some situations he'd rather not be in and calls into question how long love lasts and when the past is past. Elliott Gould does a super job with the alternating voices and characters of both Roger and Stella.

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