ales of love and sultry suspense A mole burrowed deep inside the FBI, Russian agents versus American spies . . . the stuff of headlines these days. And magnificent fiction. Author Gayle Lynds must be a bit of a psychic for her edgy new espionage novel, Mesmerized. Litigator Beth Convey's heart attack mid-trial sets her life spinning off-track. Transplant surgery gives her the heart of a Russian spy and soon she's experiencing memories of his violent life. Those memories draw her into the shadowy world of spies and counter-spies where Washington Post reporter Jeff Hammond is pursuing more than a news story involving a deeply embedded FBI double agent.

Savor this one Mesmerized is as hot and savvy as a romantic thriller can be. Lynds details the danger to both national security and the human heart with the confident hand of a writer who has walked in this world. The author's own background as a think-tank editor with top-secret clearance flavors her story with authenticity, while her storyteller's talent combines the personal story of Jeff and Beth with the global workings of international espionage.

Gayle Lynds weaves so many fascinating threads in this web of suspense that Mesmerized is impossible to put down edgy and enthralling, and an all-together absorbing read.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside in northern Minnesota.

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