Riordan's latest Texas tale Author Rick Riordan is on a roll. He is the triple-crown winner of the three most prestigious awards in suspense fiction: the Edgar, the Shamus and the Anthony. His novels featuring Tres Navarre English professor and sometime private investigator have been well received by critics and readers alike. In The Devil Went Down to Austin Navarre finds himself in the unenviable position of investigating the murder of a friend, a murder for which Navarre's wheelchair-bound brother is the odds-on favorite suspect. And, as Texas is a capital punishment state, there will be no room for error, no second chances. Riordan's grasp of the great state of Texas is legendary, and he displays quite an aptitude for characterizations as well, particularly his urbanely lethal villains. If you like the writing of Dennis Lehane or Randy Wayne White, you'll enjoy getting acquainted with Rick Riordan.

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