ember sounds good Luckily for audio aficionados, Stephen King gives us special treatment. His latest audio-only is LT's Theory of Pets. Recorded live in the Royal Festival Hall in London, Mr. King reads this himself an added extra. To entertain his buddies at work, LT often tells a story. It always starts with the note he found on his refrigerator the day his wife left him. Seems things were going OK in a marital way until his wife gave him a Jack Russell terrier and he gave her a Siamese cat. His audience (which now includes us) is lulled into thinking that this is a gruff guy lament of woman induced woe that could well be the model for a country music song. But that would signal a kinder, gentler Stephen King, and, no surprise, that's not what he has become. Lurking here are all the evil forces we have come to love, all the discomfiting shadows of sinister somethings beyond human understanding that need more than the Surgeon General's caveat to keep unsuspecting innocents out of harm's way. Like all King-conjured tales, this is best listened to in bright daylight, and I'd do it without the beloved family cat sitting in your lap.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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