cene of the crime It's a bad scene for San Francisco District Attorney Prentice Gates III, known as Skipper, when he wakes up in a hotel room to find the nude body of a young male prostitute in his bed. Worst of all, the man is dead, and Gates, who can't remember anything, is the prime suspect. And that's just for openers in Sheldon Siegel's Incriminating Evidence. Defense attorney Mike Daley takes the case and tells the story, and a nasty, tabloid tale it is, with constant revelations of all sorts of dirty little secrets about all sorts of powerful people. Though Daley is not fond of his client, he's determined to mount the best defense he can, even if it puts him in harm's way. Good local color, good courtroom color and a good reading by Tony Award-winning actor Boyd Gaines.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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