For goodness sake Nick Hornby asks some difficult questions in his most recent novel, How to Be Good, read by Frances Barber. And given the title, it's not surprising that they focus on what it means to be a good person, and what happens when someone tries to go beyond the everyday options. The narrator is Katie, a middle-class London doctor and mother of two, who suddenly finds that her curmudgeonly, cynical spouse has given up his put down of the world and is now trying to save it, trying to be good with a capital "G." The why's and wherefore's of his conversion, including an inarticulate faithhealer named GoodNews, take us on an interesting trip. Don't worry, this is not a diatribe, it's a Nick Hornby novel, which means quirky, funny, full of clever lines and observations. And if it makes you question your own duty to be good, so much the better.

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