raveling on St. Lucy's Eyes, Confessor's Cookies, Bones of the Dead, Triumph of Gluttony? Where are we and what are they? They're Sicilian sweets and we're in Sweet Sicily on another gastronomic gambol, touring a marvelous, mythical island. Our tour guide for this walk on the sweet side of a cuisine influenced by invaders from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Saracens and Bourbons is Victoria Granof. A pastry chef and food stylist, Granof has explored Sicily's sweet secrets and gathered 106 unique recipes from the island's pastry makers and bread bakers all of which can now be prepared in American home kitchens. Luscious photographs, anecdotes and enticing bits of history enhance the delights of the recipes and make this tempting tribute a prime prospect for the gift-giving season.

Sybil Pratt has been cooking up this column for more than five years.

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