Pat Murphy obviously had fun writing the multiple identity novel, Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell. The Max Merriwell of the title writes science fiction under his own name, fantasy under the name Mary Maxwell and mysteries under the name of Weldon Merrimax. The multifaceted author is hired to teach a writing class aboard a cruise ship due to sail through the Bermuda Triangle. As the ship sails through parts unknown, passengers on the ship begin encountering Max's pseudonyms people who cannot be real, yet are. Murphy's novel rolls quickly along with a chatty tone that entices the reader and makes us wonder what is and isn't real and what might be real. It's complicated but fun, and whether read alone or with the first two books in Murphy's series (There and Back Again and Wild Angel) makes for a very satisfying adventure.

Gavin J. Grant recently married the girl of his dreams, science fiction author Kelly Link.


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