Could there be a snake lower than Slick Waynick? He's about to flatfoot out of town, stranding Arliss Mallard on their wedding day. Fortunately Gideon Forbes stands by the bride and marries her in the heartwarming western, A Kiss to Dream On, by Stephanie Mittman.

But the I do's are just the beginning. Not only is the bride pregnant, but the groom is a deputy sheriff distracted by worries of violence from the Montana miners struggling to survive under harsh conditions. Gideon has loved Arliss since their childhood, but Arliss has always been enamored of Slick. The couple also copes with living amid a houseful of in-laws, including a jealous sister. Stephanie Mittman delivers a sensitive and moving story of two people finding love and coming to understand themselves. The treasure is not in those mines, it's in the pages of this captivating love story.

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