Miracles happen at Christmastime, as Marilyn Pappano proves with the tender, tragic struggle for renewal in Some Enchanted Season.

Maggie and Ross started out deeply in love, striving for the pinnacle of success. But along the way, they lost each other. Now, in the tiny town of Bethlehem, Ross hopes that Maggie will heal from the accident that nearly killed her the previous Christmas Eve. But as they rediscover their love, each is haunted by that last Christmas. What, Maggie wonders, has she forgotten? What, Ross fears, will she do when she remembers? Some Enchanted Season is a heart-tugging story that convinces you that the greatest miracle is love.

Sandy Huseby reviews and writes from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and near Nevis, Minnesota. She is online at Shuseby@aol.com.

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