Dr. Mark Seidman was shot, his wife was killed and his six-month-old daughter was taken. Can it get worse? You bet it can, and it does in Harlan Coben's latest diller of a thriller, No Second Chance, read by Scott Brick. The race-paced, pedal-to-the-metal suspense that made Coben's earlier books bestsellers goes from zero to Mach two in this compellingly convoluted tale. Mark is desperate to get his daughter back, to know that she's alive, and the predatory perps who say they have her taunt him with hope. He's been told to keep the cops and the feds out of it, that there will be no second chance to get his beloved baby back. Should he go it alone, should he involve his old love, a former FBI agent, should he listen to his best-friend-from boyhood and lawyer? Mark isn't sure and you won't be either as the plot takes roller-coaster dips and dives. Compulsive listening all the way.

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