Nicknamed for the free-spirited, high-soaring skylark, Laura Gardeyne feels only the burdens of widowhood and the desperation to protect her young son in Jo Beverley's historical romance, Skylark. Laura and her son live with her late husband's parents, Lord and Lady Caldfort. An apparent poisoning attempt makes Laura fear that her brother-in-law, the vicar, may be planning to kill her three-year-old son, Harry, to usurp his inheritance. When Laura sets out on a determined hunt for the one family member long believed dead who may be her son's salvation, she turns to Stephen Ball for help. Stephen loved her once enough to propose, and now he's prepared to risk any danger to keep her safe and make her his own. Beverley writes with absorbing zeal for the intricate mores of the times.

Sandy Huseby reviews from Fargo, North Dakota, and northern Minnesota.

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