Every woman needs a rock star in her past. In Elise Juska's cheeky novel, Getting Over Jack Wagner, Eliza's rock star Karl comes with unique baggage a throbbing Saab Turbo 9000, and a mama who pinches his cheeks and eyes Eliza with suspicious dismay. Eliza has her own baggage fear of commitment in the relationships she bounces through. Still, she always has her two dearest friends to confide in. But even Hannah and Andrew can't give her the answers to life and relationships that she seeks. Juska takes 20-something chicklit one step further into real life in this quasi-autobiographical search for the great truths of living. Eliza audaciously refuses to let the disappointments of life bring her down. And when she goes home again, she discovers it's okay to do her living on her own. Addictive as dark chocolate, the home truths surreptitiously woven into this story are just as delicious

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