You can take the boy out of Alabama, but you can't take Alabama and a fierce love of college football out of the boy. Warren St. John is that Alabama boy and his team is the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide. St. John went to his first game when he was six, made his mother take him out of school for the funeral of the legendary "Bear" Bryant, listened to entire games over the phone when he went north to college, and then years later plunged himself into the mystery of why. Why a game and a team can turn rational human beings into fierce and fearsome fanatics, into folks who "totally rearrange their lives, uproot themselves, and shelve familial obligations" to follow their team. The answers he found and the people he met on his quest are all detailed in Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, St. John's humorous, heartfelt "Alabama fan travel memoir" of a season spent among the obsessively devoted RV-ers who drive their massive homes-on-wheels to every Crimson Tide game. Fun even if you're not a football fanatic, necessary if you are.

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