Another total escape is Dreaming of You by Francis Ray, a new installment in the Grayson series. Highly successful hotelier Faith McBride has been in love with the devastatingly handsome Brandon Grayson since they were high school buddies in Santa Fe, but as a rather plump and ordinary looking woman, she's sure she has no chance to turn their friendship to love, especially now that Ruth Grayson is determined to marry him off she's been quite successful thus far in finding a match for her sons. Ray is known for writing cheerful fairy tales, and Dreaming of You, with an ordinary, immensely likable heroine, a sexy man with a heart of gold, and touches of glitz and color, is as unapologetically escapist as Cinderella. Lots of fun. Barbara Samuel won a RITA Award for her latest novel, Lady Luck's Map of Vegas.

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