If I ever need a private detective, I'd like to call Kinsey Millhone. I've followed her alphabetic adventures for years and now we're at S. S could easily stand for super-suspenseful story, but in Sue Grafton's 19th compelling foray into crime, S Is for Silence. Daisy's young, pretty mother, a flashy good-time girl with an abusive husband, disappeared without a trace 34 years ago. Daisy, now 40, still needs to know what happened and Kinsey, moved by her need, takes on this ice-cold case. As she pieces together the jigsaw puzzle of past events, the case heats up but now it's Kinsey who just might fall into the fire. Judy Kaye has done a great job reading every Kinsey Millhone escapade since A Is for Alibi, her timing taut, her characters entirely credible.


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