Two fascinating new audio presentations want to raise your literacy level. Not literacy as in being able to read, but literacy in religion and science, subjects that often clash and about which too many of us are woefully, even scandalously, ignorant. Natalie Angier's The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science is a wow. Angier is a brilliant, brilliantly agile Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer whose bubbling enthusiasm for her subject the big issues in contemporary physics, chemistry, biology, geology and astronomy is wonderfully contagious. If you're among those who can't tell the difference between a proton, a photon and a moron, but have a nagging curiosity and a nagging feeling that you really ought to know more about these vital subjects, just open your ears and your mind as you listen you'll learn a lot and have a great time doing it. Angier distills what she's learned from hundreds of conversations with top scientists about the most important scientific fundamentals, and makes the invisible visible, the distant neighborly and the ineffable affable. Read by Nike Doukas with a verve that matches the author's own.

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