When he proposed, she ran away in a panic. Ten years later, the high school sweethearts come face-to-face again in Beth Kendrick's side-splitting, tear-streaked ode to teen love rekindled, My Favorite Mistake. Faith Geary has been on the run ever since leaving Lindbrook, Minnesota, to become a globetrotting travel writer. Her sister Skye's desperate phone call drags her back to deal with a failing small-town Minnesota bar, The Roof Rat, Skye's broken marriage, and a business partner Faith doesn't want to acknowledge Patrick Flynn, the guy she left behind. She's returned intent on rescuing her sister, but Faith discovers she's the one with plenty to learn about love and commitment, relationships and romance. The lessons come in a plethora of packages, from a winsome eight-year-old who has dubbed himself Rex to the oh-too-appealing Flynn. Stir in the Geary sisters' high school nemesis Sally Hutchins for a dueling-divas-in-the-street scene to die for. This is a laugh-out-loud treat as frothy and appealing as raspberry sorbet. Kate Hudson, option this one quick! Sandy Huseby reviews from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside Minnesota.

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