Hold on to your hats Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have a new, rocket-paced, cunningly convoluted, action-packed adventure that pits FBI agent Aloysius Pendergast against his demonic younger brother, Diogenes. As The Book of the Dead begins, an Egyptian tomb, long closed and buried in the Byzantine bowels of New York's Museum of Natural History, is about to be opened to much fanfare. With the falsely accused Aloysius buried in the dangerous dungeons of a maximum-security prison, Diogenes sees this as a fine venue for an evil escapade. As plot within plot heats up, Agent Pendergast gets out, his brother gets what he deserves and we get a grand tale. This may be the final book of the Pendergast trilogy, but I'm sure we'll hear from him again. Scott Brick reads with the requisite panache.

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