Reporter Irene Kelly is back in Jan Burke's Kidnapped. Kelly's latest adventure finds our heroine hard at work on a story about kidnapped children. One story in particular has tugged at the heartstrings of her Las Piernas Express readers: the sad tale of Jenny Fletcher, age three, who disappeared five years back, shortly after the murder of her father, Richard, a prominent graphic artist. Jenny's stepbrother, Mason, was convicted of the crime, and sent to prison, but Jenny never turned up. She is presumed, both by her family and the general public, to be dead. However, her brother Caleb is convinced that she is alive, and that Mason was not responsible for Richard's death. Caleb is now a graduate student working with the forensic anthropologists of the Las Piernas police department. When human bones are unearthed at a nearby estate, Caleb Fletcher and Irene Kelly are drawn together in their search for the truth about Jenny's disappearance and Richard's murder. Burke's books are all well plotted, with involving and likable characters, and Kidnapped is no exception.

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