In Anne Kelleher's engrossing fantasy, Silver's Edge, the balance of all worlds rests on a Silver Caul, which keeps winged faeries and goblins in the Otherworld, separate from the mortals of Shadowland. Nessa is not concerned with such grand scale matters, however. All she knows is that her father, Dougal the blacksmith, has disappeared into the forest of the Otherworld, and she may be his only hope of rescue. In that dangerous realm, the goblin king plots his moment of destiny to triumph over the Sidhe as the faerie queen is at her most vulnerable. The fighting in the Shadowlands adds its own dimension to the interlaced strands of time and fate between the two worlds. Kelleher weaves an enticing tale as Nessa braves unknown dangers to find her father and bring him safely home in this beguiling story of courage and adventure.

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