Old scandals resurface in Parable, Montana, in Linda Lael Miller’s Big Sky Country. Sheriff Slade Barlow is acknowledged by his father for the first time . . . in the deceased man’s will. Unfortunately, getting to share the family ranch means he’ll have to deal with his childhood nemesis and half-brother, Hutch Carmody. There’s even more trouble for Slade when former high school beauty queen Joslyn Kirk returns to town—and he can’t quit thinking of her. Years ago, her stepfather cheated town citizens out of their savings, and some are ready to transfer blame to Joslyn. But she’s determined to stay in Parable, despite ill feelings and the reluctant attraction she has for the sheriff. When the sexy and laconic man continues showing up at her door, she can’t keep deeper feelings from growing. But Slade’s got a stepdaughter to manage as well as the enmity with Hutch. Is there room for Joslyn in his life? The first in a series, this feel-good Western contemporary is sure to make Parable a happy destination for readers.

Elizabeth Lowell offers a chilling and sexy romantic suspense novel in Beautiful Sacrifice. Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer Hunter Johnston contacts expert archaeologist Lina Taylor to recover some precious stolen artifacts. Hunter has been auditing Lina’s course on the Mayan belief that great change—perhaps the end of the world as we know it—will come on December 21, 2012, and he’s looking forward to getting closer to her. But when Lina, who is half-Mayan, sees the photographs of the missing pieces, she realizes this is a very personal quest; the items appear to come from the part of the world where her family lives. As the mystery deepens and butchered bodies pile up, Hunter and Lina travel to the Yucat√°n Peninsula to determine the fate of the artifacts—and of their lives. A sizzling attraction between hero and heroine make this fast-paced and frightening adventure just that much hotter.

Readers will race to return to Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling world in Tangle of Need, a novel of aching passion and pulse-pounding risk. After learning that his intended mate is married to someone else, heartbroken lone wolf Lieutenant Riaz has returned to the pack. There, he runs into Senior Soldier Adria—who acts upon their strong attraction by inviting him to her bed. But Riaz is determined to remain loyal to the mate he cannot have. The strong, accomplished Adria calls to him, however, and soon she learns about his pain; he learns about her last soured relationship. This closeness causes their bodies to come together even as they claim their hearts will not. They seem to be on their way to commitment and contentment when danger and new opportunities arise. Can they—and their feelings for each other—survive? Fans of the series will revel in rooting for the pack and the happy outcome of these two deserving lovers.

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