Former historical romance writer Karyn Witmer (Elizabeth Grayson, Elizabeth Cary) has turned her attention to the contemporary world with A Simple Gift. When headstrong, brilliant teenager Fiona Montgomery throws away a half-completed degree in astronomy to run away with a musician, her mother is heartbroken, her father furious. When she returns 18 months later with a secret and a daughter, she sets in motion a rift that affects her whole family in unforeseeable ways particularly her mother, Avery, who finds her marriage in trouble, her heart tested, her business strained. A Simple Gift carries Witmer's trademark grace of language, delicate skill in tracing the cobweb of human entanglements and the compassion of an old, old soul who knows there are no wrongs that cannot be righted, no heart that cannot be mended. A beautiful story rendered by a master storyteller. Barbara Samuel won a RITA Award for her latest novel, Lady Luck's Map of Vegas.

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