Where do authors find inspiration? It could be their home neighborhood or a distant locale. Perhaps it's a current event or an episode plucked from history. In the case of writer Geralyn Dawson, it was a real-life organization, the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation. The foundation funds its work by holding sales of wedding gowns, which are donated by brides young and old across the nation.

In Dawson's heart-tugging novel, The Pink Magnolia Club (Pocket, $6.99, 384 pages, ISBN 0743442652), three generations of strangers instantly bond for life in the women's bathroom at one such wedding dress sale. The women of the newly formed Pink Magnolia Club blossom in three diverse life stages. Holly turns down Justin's proposal because she believes she's doing him a favor, but she's really hiding from her own fears. Her boys now grown and independent, Maggie faces divorce on the brink of her silver anniversary, the petals of her predictable life fluttering apart. Grace is the fading flower who wants to live to celebrate her golden anniversary. Showing once again the humor and flair of her historical romance writing, Dawson delivers a contemporary bouquet on the power of women's friendships. This is a memory worth making.

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