Henry Pierce, cutting-edge chemist and the brains behind a big breakthrough in molecular computer and nanochip development (ask Henry to explain it), is the star and self-styled sleuth in Michael Connelly's Chasing the Dime, convincingly read by Jonathan Davis. Henry is a good guy well on his way to a lofty place in high-tech heaven when the ringing phone in his new apartment sends him on a dangerous detour. All the calls are for Lily, a luscious listing on the L.A. Darlings "escort" Web site. Curious, and motivated by a haunted past, Henry begins to search for Lily, a search that takes him into an ever-deepening morass of sex-for-hire, shady sleazeballs who revel in the rough stuff murder, betrayal and entrapment. This is a departure from Connelly's Harry Bosch series, but it's just as well-crafted and well-paced, and the combo of science, cyber-sex and suspense adds to the excitement, as Henry adds chasing the crime to chasing the dime.


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