Though always true to his beautiful Susan, Spenser appreciates a pretty face and a well-turned ankle. So, when Mary Lou, a blond with bombshell attributes, asks him to find her husband's murderer, Spenser packs his bag and his piece and heads West. And that's where Robert B. Parker's latest Spenser saga, Potshot, with Joe Mantegna as our moral-minded, tough-as-nails Boston P.I., starts. Nonplused by what he's finding rather, not finding Spenser senses that there's another story being told, one he can't quite hear. Then, there's the possibility that Mary Lou may be more a distressing damsel than a damsel in distress. To boost his hearing and balance the odds against a band of thugs harassing the town of Potshot, Spenser gathers a gang of his own, including his super-cool cohort, Hawk. Together, wry banter spraying faster than the bullets from an AK-47, they face down the bad guys and root out the truth. Peak-power Parker pizzazz all the way.


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