Lori Foster is known for spectacular, sizzling, singe-your-fingers erotic romance, but she is so very popular because she knows that sexy must also be carefully crafted and intelligent the power here is the depth of story around those love scenes. In Causing Havoc, extreme fighter Dean Conor is drawn back to the hometown he was torn from when he was eight years old, thanks to a letter his long-lost sister writes to him. Once he's back home, the wandering Havoc suddenly finds himself needed and hated in equal portions. He's given a chance to be a hero in real life, rather than just in the ring does he have what it takes to live up to all those expectations? Havoc also finds himself being drawn into a spicy relationship with his sister's best friend, Eve Lavon, a free spirit with her own ideas of what should be. This is very much the hero's story, irresistibly saucy and well written. Barbara Samuel's most recent novel is Madame Mirabou's School of Love.

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