The hallmark of a Sophie Kinsella heroine is her likeability, despite the fact that she may have caused her own problems - but who hasn't used a credit card with too much abandon or told a little white lie that took on a life of its own? In this case, however, the star of Remember Me? is the victim, not the instigator of her unfortunate circumstances. Lexi Smart wakes up in a hospital to discover she's lost time - three years' worth. And in those months she can't remember, she's been transformed. How did she get so beautiful? So successful? So thin? And she has a rich, hot husband, too! Her Cinderella change of life is as confusing as it is exciting, and she's dismayed to find out that the new Lexi lost the old Lexi's best girlfriends. Understanding how she came to be this woman uncovers secrets - and a secret love. Rooting for Lexi is easy, and there's sure to be enthusiastic applause for another engaging, high-energy story from Kinsella.

Another heroine has lost her memory in Barbara Freethy's Silent Run. The emotion in a Freethy romantic suspense novel runs as deep as the shiver her stories send down your spine. In her latest, Sarah Tucker awakens in a hospital without her memory and to the terrifying news that she was in a serious car accident . . . and her baby is missing. Then an angry, handsome stranger arrives with more startling information. Jake Sanders claims he's her baby's father and that she took the baby from their home and ran - seven months before. Jake and Sarah are forced to team up to find their child and the clues to Sarah's missing memory, which leads them to further secrets in Sarah's past. With the clock ticking down the hours their child has been unaccounted for, Jake and Sarah become increasingly desperate and once again drawn to each other. Resolving the mystery and the characters' passionate relationship makes Silent Run a gripping turn-the-page, squeeze-the-heart read.

English beauty Moira Hughes of Fortune's Kiss, by Lisa Manuel, lost her security and her home when her stepfather died. With a grieving, confused mother to care for, Moira will do what she must to uncover the missing codicil to her stepfather's will, one that could change their fortunes. Her goal brings her into close contact with the new heir, sexy adventurer and Egyptian archeologist Graham Foster. However, Graham proves to be more ally than opponent, as his natural curiosity and their mutual attraction make them a team that works together to decipher a widening—and deadly—mystery. Manuel deftly explores family dynamics, making Fortune's Kiss a layered, romantic story.

Maureen McKade's A Reason to Sin features a heroine who has also lost her place in society. This is 1868, and Rebecca Colfax, a native of St. Louis and only daughter of well-off, but now deceased, parents, is desperate. After a whirlwind courtship, her husband gambled away her inheritance and disappeared. She has a desperate reason to find him, and that quest leads her to the bad part of Oaktree, Kansas . . . and into a job as dancer and singer at a rowdy establishment, the Scarlet Garter. Rebecca never imagined having such a job, or associating with the kind of people she finds in the saloon, including professional gambler and former Union spy Slater Forrester. Their explosive attraction only complicates her search and his need to uncover a deadly blackmail scam at the saloon. Western historical romances are rare these days, and A Reason to Sin offers so much that readers love about this kind of story - gritty details that paint a picture of the period, people remaking their histories, lovers finding happiness despite the odds.

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