Historical author Kristin Hannah breaks new ground in her powerful exploration of a woman rediscovering herself in On Mystic Lake. Annie Colwater's routine life is shattered when, after putting their daughter Natalie on a plane for study in London, her husband Blake tells her he's in love with a junior law associate.

Annie's father Hank once gave her a compass so that she could always find her way home, and Annie now returns to Mystic Lake. Overwhelmed by the bleak future she foresees, Annie forces herself to befriend six-year-old Izzy Delacroix. The child's need for a mother's love parallels Annie's lost relationship with her own mother.

Annie is not the only one trying to get back on track. Nick, Izzy's father, was part of Annie's past, the love of her youth, but he chose someone else. His wife's death led to Nick's subsequent guilt and battle with alcoholism. The renewal and growing relationship between Annie and Nick demands that each explore their preconceived ideas about what values and commitments are most worth fighting for. As Annie Colwater learns, sometimes life is as simple as saying "I matter."

Kristin Hannah has a signature talent for drawing deep into the hearts of her story's characters. These are real problems, and Hannah is a master portrayer of the human spirit. On Mystic Lake is too good to share -- so buy extras!



A 100-year-old leprechaun's curse stands between Conlan O'Hara Sloan and Aislin Ahearn in Kate Freiman's Lady Moonlight, a magical fantasy as gossamer as the Irish faeries who populate this sparkling tale.

Aislin herself asked the leprechaun Acorn Bittersweet to protect her and her beloved white mare, Luna, from Conlan's ancestor. But that protection has long-term consequences, and Aislin is given 100 years to find her true love or marry the leprechaun.

In the fullness of the moon, Aislin and Conlan are drawn together again and again over time, but while he ages from a 16-year-old to manhood, she lives agelessly in faery time. Conlan's deep-seated hatred of horses is part of the O'Hara curse, which dooms his family to loveless marriages and great wealth. His rational mind tells him faeries and leprechauns and mysterious women who may become horses cannot exist. But in the magical land of Irish curses and folktales, anything is possible, and even Conlan begins to believe.

Freiman's pen is gifted with faery magic.


A scruffy little dog named Katie leads high-school art teacher Quinn McKenzie to ask the question, "What about me?"  in Crazy for You by Jennifer Crusie. When her beige boyfriend, Bill Hilliard, obtusely turns the stray dog over to Animal Control, Quinn moves out on him and her beige existence. Soon a whole town full of characters are beginning to question their humdrum lives and relationships.

Lifelong friendships, marriages, and routines are not safe as Quinn rocks Tibbett, Ohio, and the bachelor existence of her ex-brother-in-law, Nick Ziegler. The gossips at the Upper Cut and the bank slut, Barbara Niedemeyer, Tibbett's resident married man chaser, add to the wry mix Crusie stirs up. Crazy for You firmly establishes Jennifer Crusie as the monarch of marvelously witty romantic comedy in small-town America.



Passions and loyalties are tested in the crucible of high-stakes political campaigning in Hidden Memories by Robin Allen. When a bomb explodes at the campaign headquarters of Cameron Hudson, candidate for Georgia governor, the dark, racist side of society is unleashed.

But Sage Kennedy, Hudson's speechwriter, and Ramion Sandidge, the lawyer she loves, are dealt even greater challenges to their personal relationship which threaten to rip them apart. In the heat of campaigning, they confront old secrets and a hidden enemy determined to destroy them both.

Hidden Memories is a savvy, sexy peek into contemporary politics and the lives of people driven to win.



Nobody brings the folksiness of the Old West to life better than Linda Lael Miller. Schoolmarm Rachel English brings more than books to 1888 Montana in Springwater Seasons: Rachel.

Trey Hargreaves is the man Rachel yearns for, even though he is part owner of the local saloon, surely a scoundrel. It is his love for his motherless daughter Emma that convinces Rachel of Trey's basic goodness. But that only adds to Rachel's dilemma, for she considers herself unworthy, used goods.

Miller's heartwarming love story, the first of four mini-novels, builds families and a welcoming world for readers in the stagecoach station known as Springwater.



Winner of Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award for Dangerous Curves, Kristina Wright delivers taut, breakneck pacing with snappy dialogue in this, her first romantic suspense novel. Samantha Martin is a magazine photographer who "snapped" the wrong people, and now she's being framed for murder. When Jake Cavanaugh, an ex-cop with the Miami-Dade drug team, comes to her rescue after her escape from Sunlight and Serenity, a private hospital, he, too, becomes a target.

Jake and Sam race to Key West for the film which could save them, or cost them their lives. Jake's a quick-thinking commanding hero, but Sam's no slouch as she proves she can fight for her integrity and her life. Together they make a forceful romantic pair.


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