Revenge of Innocents, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg's fourth novel featuring probation officer Carolyn Sullivan, is a study in how little we know about our friends. Carolyn, by most measures, lives a storybook life. Her family is harmonious; she is engaged to the man of her dreams; she has just gotten a promotion. Before her job upgrade, she worked alongside her childhood friend, Veronica Campbell. Now she is in the somewhat uncomfortable position of being Veronica's boss. Veronica's life is the opposite of Carolyn's: Her career has gone downhill, her family runs roughshod, and it looks as if she is having an extramarital affair with a co-worker. Then the unthinkable happens Veronica is found dead in a cheap hotel, half of her face blown away by her own handgun. The coroner thinks it's a suicide, but that doesn't wash with Carolyn. Her hunch solidifies when she receives an anonymous letter warning her off the case. Well paced, timely, intense and thought provoking, Revenge of Innocents will appeal to readers who like a dash of romance in their thrillers.

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