<B>Sukey's favorite</B> When it comes to police procedurals, nobody does it better than Ed McBain, and nobody gives voice to McBain's street-seasoned cops better than Ron McLarty does. Both show off their talents in <B>Hark!</B>, the latest 87th Precinct novel. The teasing, taunting master criminal known as the Deaf Man (though he may not be deaf) has returned, and he's dangling inscrutable clues to past and future crimes in front of Detective Steve Carella and his crew at the 87th. It takes a bit, but when Carella realizes that Adam Fen, the perp signing these missives, is an anagram for Deaf Man, the lines he's stolen from Shakespeare begin to yield their lethal secrets. Let the gaming begin, but this game can be played by the good guys as well as the bad, and the real winners are the McBain fans listening in.

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