<B>Sukey's favorite</B> April alone is designated as Poetry Month, but it's a shame we don't celebrate poetry every day of every month. Garrison Keillor has tried to do just that with <I>The Writer's Almanac</I> which offers NPR listeners a poem a day. Now, with his signature Midwestern modesty, Keillor has selected 218 of these poems in a wonderful, wonderfully accessible collection he calls <B>Good Poems</B>. Most are better than good, often with epiphanies both soft and startling, that illuminate shadows, make you laugh and cry, and turn ordinary moments and thoughts into the stuff of eternity. Keillor reads many of the poems himself, though you'll hear Billy Collins, Roy Blount, Jr., Allen Ginsberg and Sharon Olds, among others. And you'll hear modern masterpieces including Raymond Carver, W.H. Auden, Elizabeth Bishop alongside the classics Robert Burns, Shakespeare, Donne, Dickinson, Whitman, Blake and many more.

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