<B>Sukey's favorite</B> If you're looking for happy endings and even a touch of redemption, don't turn to Cormac McCarthy. But if you're looking for a well-crafted, well-paced, ominously dark, ominously plausible tale set on the bloodstained border between Mexico and Texas, McCarthy is your man. <B>No Country for Old Men</B> is McCarthy's first book in seven years and it has all his hallmarks detail that puts you inside the scene; dialogue that's utterly believable in dialect that's flawless; a plot that eddies around good and evil, duty and love and the irreparable consequences of choice. Don't worry though it's all that and it's a doozie of a drug-money-shoot-'em-up-grand-chase contemporary Western. I find dialect frustrating to read sometimes, hard to hear in my head. So listening to Tom Stechschulte's remarkable South Texas delivery, punctuated by the flat, emotionless voice of the hit man, turned a terrific book into an even more terrific audio.

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