<b>Sukey's favorite</b> All parents keep secrets from their children. My father, it seemed, kept more than most. So begins <b>Ordinary Heroes</b>, Scott Turow's anything-but-ordinary novel, set during the calamitous last years of WWII rather than in his usual courtroom. The secrets belong to David Dubin, a remote, circumspect man who spoke little of his war experiences. They surface after his death, when his son finds letters to an unknown fiancŽe, evidence that he'd been court-martialed and, ultimately, David's own memoir describing the harsh reality of his war, a strange entanglement with a maverick OSS officer, horrific combat, lost comrades, lost innocence, found love. It's a strong, moving novel to read, but this audio presentation packs an even more powerful wallop. Maybe that's because I'm such an audio addict or, more likely, it's Edward Herrmann's extraordinary performance. He not only does all the accents with seamless accuracy, he gets into David's roller-coastering emotions, his optimism, his anguish, his fear and his passion.

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