<b>Sukey's favorite</b> Just hours after the September 11 attacks, our world had changed irrevocably. America gathered itself for a response to a shadowy enemy and hoped our leaders would be capable, courageous and sufficient to the moment. What they did, why they did it, what they've learned and what they haven't is dissected in <b>The One Percent Doctrine: Deep Inside America's Pursuit of its Enemies Since 9/11</b>. Ron Suskind's riveting, often surprising, narrative is read by Edward Herrmann, one of the best readers of serious nonfiction I've ever heard. The title comes from Dick Cheney, who early on eschewed the need for analysis or evidence beyond a one percent possibility in order to take action, actions that can have terrible consequences, high costs and inevitable blowback. And it's about the interaction between the notables, Bush, Cheney, Rice and George Tenet, our very visible, public leaders; and the invisibles, the ardent experts who are fighting the actual fight without regard for spin, votes or the power of the presidency.

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