<b>Point to Point Navigation</b>, Gore Vidal's second memoir, doesn't start where <i>Palimpsest</i>, his first (published in 1995) left off. That's not the Vidalian style. He prefers to meander elegantly and eloquently back and forth in time, tossing off bons mots, epigrams, fabulous takes on the famous folk who have peopled his life and offering his opinions on much of recent history and contemporary culture. Though the dates in the subtitle are 1964 to 2006, Vidal talks about his parents and his early years, including a wonderful riff on the influence of movies on his generation and especially on him. He reads his memoir himself, making it even more appealing. I'd heard him speak many times and knew how witty he could be, but never realized what a fabulous mimic he is; you'll think you're actually hearing snips of Capote, Tennessee Williams, JFK, Nixon and Eleanor Roosevelt.

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