<b>Sukey's favorite</b> Health care is a major national issue and an intensely personal one for all of us. At some point, we have or will put our own lives, our children's and our parents' in the hands of doctors. And we all hope that we can trust their diligence and dedication. Two extraordinary books, now extraordinary audio presentations, make the medical profession more comprehensible and more fascinating. With surprising candor, Jerome Groopman, a distinguished Harvard physician, <i>New Yorker</i> writer and best-selling author, examines <b>How Doctors Think</b>. To explain how a doctor arrives at a particular diagnosis, why it might be a feat of brilliant deduction or just plain wrong, Groopman did extensive interviews with some of our finest doctors and shares his own clinical experiences, both good and bad. The stories he tells to illustrate his diagnosis of the diagnostic process are life-and-death, attention-grabbing incidents that happened to real people, more compelling than anything you'll see on a TV hospital drama. What you'll learn is how patient-doctor interaction affects a physician's cognitive process and how you as a patient can positively alter communication and care.

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