<B>Sukey's favorite</B> A daughter searching for the mother she never knew, a mother yearning to tell her story to the child she last saw as an infant these are the threads that wind together in Ana Menendez's lyrical, affecting first novel, <B>Loving Che</B>, read by Adriana Sananes and Eileen Stevens. Now an adult, the daughter who grew up in Miami with her reclusive grandfather combs the streets of Havana hoping for news of her elusive mother. When a packet of letters arrives from Spain, she is let into her mother's memories of her marriage, the Cuban Revolution and her passionate private affair with the very public Che Guevara. Reality or fantasy? Might Che be her father? The daughter never knows; nor do we, but as we share the letters, we see Havana now, triste and struggling, and Havana then caught up in the manic mood of the early revolution. And we're left to ponder the burden and wonder of memories. <I>Please note: audios may be available in formats other than the ones reviewed here.</I>

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