Before going back to his own home, Luke Boudreau must make a journey to honor the memory of the man whose death he caused in Susan Crandall's emotionally charged Magnolia Sky. Luke's plan to tell Calvin Abbott's family how Calvin sacrificed his own life to save Luke's during a Special Forces operation seems simple enough. But when Luke comes to Magnolia Mile, the Abbots' home and landscaping business, he finds a ready-made family he covets for his own. Analise, Calvin's widow, carries her own burden of responsibility for his untimely death and craves the security of Calvin's family. Younger brother Cole wants to live up to the image of his heroic brother but rebels when Ana needs him the most. The truth that Luke brings plays out against the sultry Southern backdrop of family secrets and sorrows and one man's determination that only he can have Ana. An engrossing story that affirms the best of what families are made, not born, to be. Sandy Huseby reviews from Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside Minnesota.

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