<b>Summer lovin'</b> Hiding out and regrouping is the meme for the summer season at Crescent Lake, and that concept replicates itself in many guises in Susan Wiggs' charmer, <b>Lakeside Cottage</b>. Kate Livingston has lost her job, such as it was, and decides to use the family's rambling summer home to figure out what she and her son, Aaron, will do next. Her plan for quiet reflection is disrupted by J.D. Harris, a mystery man who seems to have his own regrouping to do while he stays at a nearby cabin. First responder has taken on a whole new meaning for the emergency medical tech in one heroic moment that he's now trying to escape. But no good deed goes unpunished, and as J.D. and Kate discover their growing attraction, he must wrestle with the life he's left behind for the summer. And then there's Callie, the teenage girl who brings secrets and a deadly danger of her own when she picks the Livingston cottage for her hideout. Deftly blending topical issues, dramatic action and appealing characters, Wiggs delivers a summer romance you'll cheer on for all seasons.

<i>Sandy Huseby writes from Fargo, North Dakota, and northern Minnesota.</i>

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