Jeremy Jackson, a wonderfully chatty food writer, begins Good Day for a Picnic: Simple Food That Travels Well, his ode to outdoor dining, with a brief but intriguing look at where the concept of the modern picnic came from and then goes on to the substance of picnic fare. Though all of Jeremy's recipes can be packed in a basket and spread out on a blanket, many may make it into your year-round repertoire. Among the more unusual, now part of my usual, are supremely simple Pine Nut Butter; Roasted Grapes (great with the pine nut butter); Fig P‰tŽ; Noodles with Walnut and Blue Cheese Pesto; Tuna Cakes served hot or cold; elegant, easy to transport Phyllo-Crusted Pork and Leek Pie; pale pink Strawberry Cupcakes and Cherry-Berry Pickled Pineapple. Jeremy Jackson is a pleasure to cook with and a picnic partner par excellence.

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