When you're all too human and a little bit more, life takes on new challenges. Wren Valere has Talent she is part of a group of people who can use electricity to perform magic and that makes her a valuable searcher for lost or stolen artifacts, but it also sets off alarms in airports. These days, Wren is setting off new alarms, of the relationship kind, as she and her business partner Sergei Didier connect with the kind of sparks that make for shivery, dishy reading in Laura Anne Gilman's second Retrievers novel, Curse the Dark. A purloined paper guarded for centuries in an Italian monastery must be found before it unleashes dire consequences upon the world. A representative of a secret order called the Silence commissions Wren and Sergei's hunt, but the Silence also seems to be behind efforts to break up their partnership. Gilman's romantic fantasy gfully blends ancient magic into the 21st century for fascinating reading.

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