Mythology, Thomas Bulfinch said, is the handmaid of literature. That, in turn, would make his time-honored Bulfinch's Mythology the handmaid of mythology. Like so many of us, I was enthralled by these fabulous tales of the ancient world as a child, then later relied on Mr. Bulfinch to decipher the myriad allusions to the myths that often befuddle readers of elegant literature. Now, this classic of classics is available as an audio presentation with a wow of a cast, obviously chosen by the gods. Richard Dreyfuss, Olympia Dukakis, Edward Hermann, B. D. Wong and Kate Burton, among others, read unabridged selections from Bulfinch's Mythology: Gods and Heroes. It's a joy to hear these tales again and to share them with the younger bunch who may not know what was in Pandora's box, how a golden apple started the Trojan War, why Niobe wept or what Hercules' labors were all about. These great Greco-Roman myths and more are all here, and all the more charming read aloud.

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